This blog will chronicle the development of my Unified Model of the Human Psyche, along with the work of 3 other authors,  into an intensive 52 week program for personal growth.

The program is based around my own model that describes in detailed mechanical terms how the human psyche is wired, how we interpret and interact with the world, and how we process those interactions emotionally.

I developed the model in 2001 in the aftermath of 9-11, watching the insanity that unfolded around that event, both locally and nationally.  Being in the NY area following 9-11 proved to be a rich environment for studying people in every imaginable emotional state.

When I developed the model, I was not trying to teach anything.  I was only trying to figure out and document how people process the world emotionally, mostly for my own understanding.  I recorded the model in it’s most pure form, in fact I went back and removed any explanations arguments, preferring to leave it in the simplest most direct form possible.   Accordingly, the model as documented is quite dense, abstract, and since the process includes feedback mechanisms, it’s also circular.

In the years since, I have frequently been encouraged to write a follow on work that can simplify and  explain the model so that it can be accessible and understood by everyone.  Alas, I am not so much a writer.  I had two or three aborted attempts, after which I more or less let it go.

But in my continued research and reading, I have found three amazing books by other authors / teachers… books that taken individually are remarkable and have changed lives.  So I started thinking again about how I could present what I have learned so others can benefit.

Then one day it just occurred to me… why would I try to write what others have already written better than I ever could?  Instead, I should make a package of all four books, and build a program around how to adopt the material into everyday life, making it an integral part of yourself.

And that is what this program is… not a study group, rather a practice group. A practice group to work through detailed, practical exercises, one week at a time, making concrete and real changes in your life.

Join me as I develop the program and be among the first to give it a try.

Thank you for your continued interest and support,
John-Paul Miller