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Saturday, February 20th, 2010 | Author:

Some people seem giddy all the time while others are always gloom and doom… but the healthiest emotional mix is appropriate to what’s actually happening, with as much positive outlook as possible.

Ever notice how some people are always supercharged with happiness to the point of coming across as a little creepy, while others always have a cloud of gloom over their heads?

It’s all right to be gloomy. Yes you read that right. It’s all right to be gloomy… when you need to be, but you’ve got to be giddy when you should be too.

Just like how a good cup of cappuccino has just the right amount of coffee to wake you up, a frothy milk smoothness to soothe you, and perfect balance of bitter and sweet… a healthy mix of both negative and positive emotions is a good balance as well.

Think of how you used to be as a child. If someone told you a goofy joke, you laughed. If you got hit by a bully, you cried. But as you grow up, you start resisting these emotions. You pick a couple of emotions that you feel are appropriate to express in society and you express these few continually without really trying to find that balance.

But self control doesn’t require suppressing your emotions. Self control is about how you express them. The trick is to learn to express ourselves in a socially acceptable manner, while still being able to feel and experience the emotions too.

You might have heard that laughter is the best medicine. And it is. But a little bit of gloom from time to time is good medicine too. Emotions shouldn’t be restricted to what a self-help book asks you to do or what is appropriate in a social situation. Emotions should be natural and should stem from what you really are feeling in a situation. If you didn’t like a joke you heard you need not force a laugh or if you really didn’t feel sad about a certain piece of moving news you don’t need to force the emotion. Forced emotions put stress on you and steal away your spontaneity.

First, experience and feel the emotions, then direct your actions and reactions with purpose and control.

All that been said, whether gloomy or giddy; you’ve got to keep up that positive outlook.

What do you think of when you hear the term positive outlook? Do you picture a smiling face? Well positivity doesn’t mean that you need to keep up an ear to ear grin at all times. It merely means that you keep the faith that you hold in yourself or in the situation and you don’t let negativity and self doubt take control. So even if a certain situation brings a wave of gloom over you, while feeling the sadness, you’ve hold onto your positive feelings toward the outcome. So you are allowed to mope with the gloom for a moment… but you can’t let it crush the hope out of your life.

You don’t have to abide by the “generally accepted” correct emotions. Your emotions are your own and you don’t necessarily get to choose which ones are invoked. But you do get to choose what to do about them.

Even when you can’t be lost in a fit of uncontrollable giggles, even when the somber, gloomy face takes over, keep that die hard positive outlook alive!